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AHS Laser Hair Removal Long Island | Botox Treatments | Laser Salon | NY Great Neck | Astoria | Manhasset | Injectables Spider vein face legs treatment | Facials | Makeup | Electrolysis | Hydroquinone | Excessive Sweating | Latisse
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Excessive sweating / Hyperhidrosis

BOTOX® treatment for excessive underarms sweating
Do you experience underarms sweating resulting in stain and odor on your favorite blouses?
Do you avoid public speaking knowing that you’ll be dripping wet?
Are you embarrassed by a sweaty palm print on you school papers?
Do you avoid shaking hands?

We can help!

Why do we sweat?
Perspiration, or sweat, is your body’s way of cooling itself, whether that extra heat comes from hardworking muscles or from over stimulated nerves, so when you are nervous, anxious or afraid, there is an increase in sympathetic nerve activity in your body as well as an increase in epinephrine secretion from your adrenal gland, these substances act on your glands, particularly those on the pals of your hand and your armpits, to make sweat. Sweat becomes body odor when bacteria that naturally occur on your skin break down the organic substances found on the surface of your skin. The warmer and wetter the area, and the longer it stays that way, the more bacteria and underarms odor you will have.
How does Botox® work?
Botox® works by blocking the nerve that stimulates the sweat under the arms. It can reduce 90% of the sweat produced by these glands. It does cause muscle weakness when injected under the arms.
How long does it last?
Typically, the results take effect within 2 weeks. The treatment will continue to provide underarms dryness for 6 month to 16 month depending on the individual. Treatment require 40-50 units of Botox® for each underarm.

AHS The Laser Salon uses only FDA approved medication.