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Electrolysis Long Island NY | Electrolysis Brooklyn | Electrolysis Queens, NYC
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Electrolysis Long Island NY | Electrolysis Brooklyn | Electrolysis Queens, NYC

Electrolysis Long Island NY, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan NYC
For over 130 years, electrolysis has been recognized by government regularity agencies such as the U.S. food and drug Administration (FDA).
This technique permanently destroys germinative cells and thus preventing new hair growth. The gentle way to permanent hair removal in now possible, thanks to Apilus technology!

Electrolysis NY is the only safe method of permanent hair removal and it is medically approved. In electrolysis, a needle is inserted into the hair follicle a small amount of electric current is passed the down probe and the action of the current destroys the root of the hair. The loosened hair is then gently removed from the follicle with tweezers.

AHS The Laser Salon Uses the Apilus unit it’s an advanced NY electrolysis technology that has proven itself time and again. With thousands of units in use, the Apilus technology offers hair removal treatments that are more efficient and more comfortable and rapid than any other epliation technology. Thanks to its powerful, computer controlled circuitry, Apilus gives the professional electrologist the highest degree of precision and control, so that you are assures of the results for which you are looking. You can finally say goodbye to unwanted hair, whether on the face or any other area of the body.
Questions & Answers
Who is candidate for electrolysis treatment?
Unwanted hair can be removed from any part of the face or body by electrolysis Long Island, with the exception of warts, inside the nose and ears. Men and women alike may benefit from the results of permanent hair removal. Men often desire beard contouring along the cheekbone or neckline, chest, back or shoulders and eyebrow thinning as well. Women often desire treatment on eyebrows, upper lip, lip chin, underarms, arms, breasts, abdomen, bikini area, legs, or feet.
Is electrolysis permanent?
Yes. Electrolysis is permanent. However, more than one treatment may be necessary to destroy a particular hair follicle. If a hair follicle has been treated properly, it will not produce another hair. Yet often times, a few key cells found in the dermal papilla have been missed below the surface of the skin. This particular hair follicle will produce another hair, but that hair will be finer and lighter in color, and easily destroyed in the following treatment.
Does electrolysis hurt?
Certain individuals may experience a slight discomfort with the initial electrolysis treatment. Yet, after each following visit, there will be less discomfort as the individual gets used to the heat sensation that is felt for only 2 seconds as the current is flowing. Most clients can tolerate up to an hour or two of treatment with a little uneasiness or discomfort, and find electrolysis NYC much more comfortable than waxing, threading, or other NYC electric epilator devises.
Are they any side effect?
There may be redness, swelling, or welting (bumps) after a treatment, but these are only temporary. To the majority of individuals, these side effects will disappear within a couple of hours after treatment. In few individuals who have sensitive skin, a slight skin irritation in the form of red spots may appear in the treated area. These will heal and fall off, on their own. The most important side effect is beautiful skin without unwanted hair.
What is the benefit of electrolysis NY?
The best benefit does never have to worry about unwanted hair. You’ll never have to dim the lights to avoid being directly in the sun so that no one will notice your excess hair. It gives you the confidence to know that when people look at you, they see you and not your unwanted hair.

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