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Facials in Great Neck, Manhasset & Port Washington, NY
516 495 4908



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Facials in Great Neck, Manhasset & Port Washington, NY

Facials in Great Neck, NY

A great way to relax and improve the look and feel of your skin is to receive a facial. All of our facials are performed by highly qualified, licensed and certified estheticians. We use only quality products to provide you with superior skin care and acne treatment. That's why people from Manhasset to Port Washington come to us for their facials, acne treatments and more.

Getting a facial regularly is very important to keep us fresh, confident, and presentable. It is said that the face is the mirror of our mind. If we are to go out anywhere we check our look, especially the face. In order to look better we wear a lot of makeup on the face, and after we go out, the face, which remains uncovered, absorbs lots of dust and heat. As a result, our skin pores get closed, resulting in dark marks, spots, white marks, and even wrinkles on our face. We cannot avoid going out in our day-today life, but then how can we maintain the freshness and vitality of our skin?

This is where a facial helps us the most. There are different types of Facial such as gold facial, silver facial, aroma facial, herbal facial etc. During the process of doing FACIAL we tone up the skin of our face, clean the dirt, and moisturize it. The pores are reopened and the skin regains its vitality. The whole process involves taking care of the skin of our face. This is an overall treatment for our face.

Addressing of individual needs such as skin impurities, premature aging and sensitivities

A facial is a spa therapy that leaves your skin cleaner, softer, younger, and truly transformed.Facials can treat problems like dark patches, clogged pores, acne; restore skin color and tone the skin; minimize skin blemishes, dry skin and wrinkles. Facials cleanse, rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin and are an essential part of a beauty regimen for luminous skin.
We provide four unique facial treatments:
Hydrating: Delicate and soothing facial to replenish your skin with gentle and effective moisturizing agents.
Anti Aging: A wonderful facial to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, maintain firmness, and give your skin a smooth texture and tone.
Acne: Specifically designed to target problematic skin. A deep cleansing to help heal the acne that you have and prevent new occurrences of acne.
Sensitive Skin: Soothe and cleanse your skin with a gentle, non-irritating, fragrance-free facial. A relaxing facial to hydrate delicate and sensitive skin.


Facials by Sara


Sara has been practicing as an aesthetician for over 15 years. Sara studied at the Moadon
Laisha Helena Rubenstein cosmetic school in Ramat Aviv, Israel. Today, Sara treats
clients who share her enthusiasm for quality skin care. She is extremely skilled in all areas
of skin care; however, her focus remains on facials, extractions, chemical peels and skin
repair. Sara is currently working on her nursing degree, and incorporates her strong
knowledge of skin conditions, their root causes and different treatment options into her
work. Sara is also a licensed permanent cosmetic technician, and has worked at
prestigious plastic, reconstructive and dermatological facilities in New York.

Mini Facial: Sara customizes each facial to fit your skin type. Her mini-facials are known
to deeply cleanse pores, detox, oxygenate, firm, hydrate, revitalize, regenerate and preserve
your skin. She is an expert at treating all skin types and conditions including, but not limited
to oily, dry, dehydrated, sensitive, mature, aging, pre/post surgeries.

Chemical Peels: Sara is an expert at utilizing chemical peels to improve and smooth the
texture of facial skin. Her methods are proven to reduce fine lines, treat sun damage and
aging, improve the appearance of mild scars, treat certain types of acne, and reduce age
spots, freckles, and dark patches.

Facial Bleaching: Sara practices a bleaching technique shown to treat dark spots and other
discolorations. She is a specialist in transforming skin into one consistent tone.

Vitamin-C Facial: Sara understands that Vitamin C is an important factor in maintaining
healthy, resilient skin. She acknowledges that while youthful skin is packed with Vitamin
C, aging skin naturally loses Vitamin C over time. For that reason, she provides a
replenishing Vitamin C facial to help restore your skin’s Vitamin C concentrations and
combat the inevitable signs of aging that come with the decline of this essential nutrient.

Acne Treatments

Sara’s prides herself in her specialized acne
program, which is backed-up by an unfailing
history of helping individuals with mild to severe
cases of acne. Her treatment guarantees to
effectively stop and clear breakouts for acne prone
skin. Her success is due in part to her
holistic skincare technique: she takes the time to
rejuvenate her patients’ skin from the inside out.
She even uses an extraction method, which
assures to purify to the bottom of every pore and
successfully control the development of
persistent acne. Whether you suffer from
hormonal acne, sporadic or considerable
breakouts, Sara puts her reputation on the line,
and pledges that by the end of her program, your
skin will be noticeably vibrant and spotless.