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    Jenna 15.04.2013 16:15
    I have been to three other places for laser hair removal and AHS is my absolute FAVORITE! The results ...
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    Sandra 14.04.2013 00:53
    They were pleasant and informative. Was there 12/30/11 great results
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    This is a wonderful salon! i loved the staffand estheticion! they were professional, very clean,WONDERFUl ...
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    The staff is friendly and welcoming Was there 06/13/2012
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    Really friendly, niceand clean. the salon is located in a nice area not too far of a drive. I already ...

Laser Facial NY, Facials Queens, Brooklyn, Facials Manhattan NYC

Laser Hair Removal NY - Laser Facials NYC, Queens, Brooklyn

AHS The Laser Salon business is laser hair removal. Our resources and our time are spent ensuring we reach our goal: removing your unwanted hair.
We spend our money buying the best lasers for hair removal.
We spend our time training to remove your hair quickly and safely.

Every individual feels confident if they look perfect and feel perfect. But some unwanted intrusions trouble them in many ways and affects them psychologically. One such issue is the unwanted hair growth in body. There are many home remedies and methods adopted for hair removal for very long period of time but all these takes time and have to be done repeatedly. An easy and permanent solution is what everyone wants now. Laser hair removal is the medical technology believed to give the desired solution even though not a permanent one but much better than other methods.

Want to try laser hair removal technique for the first time? Spend few minutes to read this article. Laser hair removal NY is an advanced technique used in medical field to remove unwanted hairs from the body. It works on the principle of pulsating beam of light emitted from a laser device. The intense heat of the laser beam completely removes the hair follicle thereby inhibiting future hair growth. As like all technology this method of hair removal has its own pros and cons.

The pros of NY laser hair removal are listed below:
The effectiveness of this treatment is high and may even give permanent solution
No severe pain as like other treatments.
It ensures safety when done by professionally skilled specialists.
Even if hair grows after the treatment it will be very thin and light.
Treatment in many parts of the body can be done at the same time.
While compared to electrolysis and waxing this method is harmless.

The cons of laser hair removal are listed here:
Expensive treatment that is not affordable to all.
Takes few visits to dermatologist to complete the treatment and so time consuming.
It depends on the skin color of the consumer and has a risk of skin burn.
Risk to eyes is more during the treatment and is prone to many skin diseases.

Almost everyone has unwanted hair somewhere on their body.
As part of our commitment to help our customers maximize success in their aesthetic laser hair removal treatments, we carry the most effective safest and fastest lasers for hair removal.
Our staffs at AHS The NY Laser Salon have a very important objective in mind, to keep all of our clients completely satisfied. Client services is the next step in our commitment to giving you personalized attention and being responsive to you needs. Although, your complete treatment will require standard multiple visits, generally, after the very first treatment you will notice a significant difference as a portion of your hair will be permanently removed and you will become closer than ever to the smooth, silky skin you desire. Moreover, the laser hair removal procedures at AHS not only remove hair above the skin, but additionally make sure you no longer see the dark hairs beneath the skin's surface, sometimes known as the five o' clock shadow.

Questions & answers
How does it work?
To eliminate hair, the laser emit gentile pulses of energy that passes through the skin to the hair follicle to destroy it so that hair can never grow the again.
Am I viable candidate for laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal can be applied to all areas of the body and all types of skin (even tanned or dark)
Does it hurt?
The treatment causes only minimal discomfort. Patient often say it feels similar to a snap of a rubber band. Slight redness or localized swelling can occasionally occur, but this usually subsides within the first 24 hours after treatment.
How many treatments are required?
Typically patient will see results in 4-6 treatments, though this number will vary based upon skin tone, hair color and several other factors. Our laser technician will talk to you about variables that may affect your individual results.

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