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    Laura 01.09.2014 20:45
    excellent customer service.. They have a customer for life!
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    Gabriel 22.07.2014 06:41
    Me getting mail from child support," that is discrete, tactful, suitable and sincere. The options for ...
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    Lawrence 19.05.2014 19:41
    I had bought my wife a vein removal treatment,for her very bad looking veins on her legs thinking ...
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    Rita 19.05.2014 19:40
    I had a great experience; the staff was very accomodating, and took the time to address every question ...
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    noela2108159957 19.05.2014 19:40
    The results are amazing and last! In the last 5 years I have been to three other places for laser ...

Welcome to Our Site

Welcome to AHS - the New York Laser Hair Removal Specialists.

We all enjoy feeling confident and looking our best. However, millions suffer from unwanted facial or body hair, fine lines and wrinkles or sun damaged skin. The struggle with time never ends. We are continuously on the forefront of the fight against aging. By combining cutting edge medical technology and procedure with classical knowledge, we achieve truly amazing results. Look years younger, feel better and enjoy life. We offer laser hair removal, acne treatment and more in the Great Neck, Manhasset & Port Washington areas.

Laser Hair Removal in Great Neck, Manhasset & Port Washington

Our board certified doctors and medical aestheticians offer free consultations for laser hair removal to help you to determine if the procedure is right for you. With nothing to lose, why not talk to the doctors at AHS? It is time to put a stop for shaving, depilatories, plucking, and waxing, and start living.

Laser Hair Removal is one of the safest and best ways for removing hair on a long term basis. At a very basic level, this procedure involves heating up of the tissue that lead to hair growth without affecting any tissue that is present around it. Since the laser is very effective equipment, the NY Laser Hair Removal procedure has now been standardized and accepted as a viable procedure by major health institutes all around the world including the FDA.


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